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About Sunplus Co.,

SUNPLUS CO., Ltd. is loved by many customers. We aim to be a company that will be connected in the next 10 or 100 years from the customer’s point of contact.
About Sunplus Co.,  Ltd.


Case Study

Starting with sports equipment with more than 50 years of experience, we now accept a variety of products tailored to our customers.
We arrange high-quality factories that meet the characteristics of molded products, sewing products, printing processing, etc.
Please leave it to us for products that require each combination.


Flow of request

SUNPLUS CO., Ltd. will make proposals according to the requests of each customer. After ordering, we will centrally manage and deliver all products. Please tell us your wishes first, such as “I want to purchase products from overseas but do not have knowledge”, “I consulted with other companies, but I can not have you respond to small lots, the price is higher than I thought and it is not profitable”.
  • Consultation


  • Quote


  • Trial production and modification

    Trial production and modification

  • Confirmation and ordering

    Confirmation and ordering

  • production


  • Delivery


Production structure of SUNPLUS CO., Ltd.

Production structure of SUNPLUS CO., Ltd.

There is a strong image of the previous Chinese products as “cheap or bad”, and many people have actually had a tough experience. We mainly have our own cooperating factory in China, and we will produce it in close cooperation with local staff by productization at the factory according to customer’s wishes. We respond to customer requests with a management system by factories and staff carefully selected from our experience so far.

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