About the company

About the company

We would like to continue to respond to customer
requests with trust and achievements that we have built up sincerely.

Founded in 1969 (Showa 44) For more than 50 years after starting the manufacturing of sports materials (material wholesale), we changed the company name from “𠮷本産業 Co., Ltd..” to “SunPlus Co., Ltd.”, which has been supported by many customers, and return to the origin again! ! Aiming to become a 100-year company, to further advance! ! If there is this from the customer, I want to deliver another one to “+(plus)” to do that. We will continue to strive for such a desire as a driving force.


About Us

  • Company Name

    Sunplus SUNPLUS CO., Ltd.
    桑普拉剘 Ltd.

  • Representative

    𠮷本 光希 Representative Director

  • Location

    2-15-33, Nonan, Misato-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara Prefecture, Maison Yamato
    III.1F TATUNO MINAMI 2-15-33-1F

  • Establishment of a company

    April 25, 2014

  • Capital

    3 million yen

  • Bank

    Bank of Kyoto Yamato-Koriyama Branch
    Nara Shinkin Bank Koizumi Branch

  • History

    1922Founded the predecessor “𠮷本 Store” 1964Moved the company to the current location in Daikokucho, Osaka, changed the company name to “𠮷本常 Co., Ltd.” and established the company. After that, acquired a Clarino agency and became a general trading company. 1969Established as a separate company as “𠮷本産業 Co., Ltd.” in Yamatokoriyama City, Nara. After that, injection molding was introduced to start the manufacturing industry in earnest. 2003𠮷本 進 (appointed as a director) 2004Two large injection molding machines added 2006𠮷本 進 (Appointed representative director) 2014Established the company name “Sunplus Co., Ltd.” At the same time 𠮷本 光希 (appointed as CEO) 2019Withdrew from the manufacturing industry due to aging buildings and equipment of “𠮷本産業 Co., Ltd.” 2020Transferred the business to “Sunplus Co., Ltd.”, moved to Sango-cho, Nara, and restarted in earnest. 2021 Established new brand “Shiftski ™” 2021年(令和3年)新ブランド「Shiftski ™」を設立



  • Head Office 15 minutes walk from Misato Station on JR Yamato Line
    Location:2-15-33, Nonan, Misato-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara Prefecture, Maison Yamato
    FAX: 0745-51-0208