Privacy policy

Privacy policy

The handling of personal information in the company’s business contents is as follows. In recent years, the importance of personal information has been called out, and we will fulfill our responsibility as a business that handles personal information, pay close attention to the handling of personal information so that everyone can use our services with peace
of mind, and manage it in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy.

  • Collection and purpose of personal information

    The Company collects personal information in order to provide users with useful information and services that match the attributes of the user. When collecting personal information, we will inform you of the purpose of collection and collect it to the extent necessary.

  • Use of personal information

    When using personal information, we will limit it to use that matches the purpose of collection, and will not disclose or provide it to third parties without the user’s consent. We may collect statistical information that does not identify your personal information.

  • About the management of personal information

    We keep personal information accurate and up-to-date, and take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. of personal information. In addition to complying with laws and regulations applicable to personal information held by the Company, we will maintain and improve our efforts and protection activities in each of the above paragraphs.

  • Improvements to privacy policy

    We will always establish the best response to the protection of personal information in response to social conditions and advances in computer technology. As a result, we may review and improve our Privacy Policy.

  • Inquiries about personal information protection

    For information on the protection of personal information, please contact: