Production system

Production system

Taking advantage of our experience so
far, we deliver to you at carefully selected factories and production lines.

There is a strong image of the previous Chinese products as “cheap or bad”, and many people have actually had a tough experience. We mainly have our own network and cooperation plant in China, and we produce in close cooperation with local staff by productization at factories according to customers. We respond to customer requests with a management system by factories and staff carefully selected from our experience so far.

Contract factory

  • Contract Factory 1
  • Contract Factory 2

We select and contract with factories suitable for each purpose, such as molded products and sewing products. We produce stably at carefully selected factories. The image is Guangdong Factory, China Shanghai Factory.

Sample support

  • Sample correspondence 1
  • Sample correspondence 2

Since sewing and cutting in small lots are possible, we will respond to detailed samples according to your wishes.


  • Quality Control 1
  • Quality Control 2

In addition to inspections at the local factory, we may outsource meter readings and inspections as necessary.
If you have your quality standards, please let us know first.


  • Aftercare 1
  • Aftercare 2

There should not be, but if defects are found in the delivered product, we will thoroughly verify the cause. From the customer’s point of contact, we divide it into 4M (Man, Machine, Material, Method) and confirm and report, leading to future improvement.

Manufacturing process seen in the video

Ski-shared injection molding with a 360-ton injection molding machine.

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