Case Study

Case Study

We can respond to various requests from sports equipment to
small sewing products and OEM products.

Starting with sports shoes and materials with more than 50 years of experience, we now accept a variety of products while responding to customer requests.
We arrange high-quality factories for each individual, such as molded products, sewing products, and special printing processing. Please leave it to us for products that require each combination.

Sporting goods

  • Sporting Goods 1
  • Sporting Goods 2
  • Ski equipment (ski boots) (skis) (ski goggles) (ski bags), etc.
  • Snowboard equipment (snowboard shoes) (snowboard goggles) (snowboard bags), etc.
  • Baseball equipment
  • Soccer equipment

Sewing products

  • Sewing Products 1
  • Sewing Products 2
  • Sewing Products 3
  • Snowboard shoes
  • Ski inner boots
  • Baseball, soccer spike shoes

Molded products

  • Molded Product 1
  • Molded Product 2
  • Molded Product 3
  • Molded Product 4
  • Ski boots
  • Baseball and soccer soles


  • OEM1
  • OEM2
  • OEM3
  • Fireproof, racing gloves
  • Racing related
  • Neoplane relationship

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